Where to Eat in Latvia

Eating out in Latvia is something to enjoy- and while not every cafe would be worth stopping at there are lot of hidden gems even in the small country towns of Latvia.

Personally I love finding cute cafes, darling bakeries and restaurants with character.

This will be a growing list of places I recommend because I have been there and can tell you what I like there- remember though this is my personal opinon and tastes and desires vary greatly from person to person.

If you want something with Latvian food that is fast and reasonably priced go to Lido- you will find something for everyone there and can’t go wrong that way.

And while in Lativa be sure to eat some good rye bread with smoked spekis (or fat), saurkraut, cutlets, pastries and don’t forget to drink some good kvass- these are a few of my Latvian favorites.