Order a Cake

Cake inquiries and pricing can be addressed to Elizabeth at ritzysilk@gmail.com

Some popular cake options.

Apricot Meringue Cake

Layers of meringue cake with dried apricots, caramel filling and mascarpone cheese filling. Garnished with peaches.

Banana Caramel Cake 

Sand crust base, caramel, sliced bananas, whipped cream.

Black Forest Torte

Layers of chocolate cake, whipped cream filling with cherry filling. Can also be ordered with chocolate mousse instead of whipped cream.

Carrot Cake

Layers of spicy, nutty carrot cake and cream cheese filling.


Layers of hazelnut meringue with chocolate frosting filling.

Chocolate Honey Cake

Traditional honey cake gone chocolately, with the freshness of cherries in the filling!

German Chocolate Cake 


vacu sokaldes kuku

Layers of chocolate brownie cake, with a caramely, coconut, nut fil

Grandma’s Latvian Cake (majas torte)

Layers of light white cake, with custard cream filling and jam.

Honey Cake Latvian Style

Lots of layers of honey cake with tangy sour cream filling.

Lemon Almond Cake

A light almondy cake layered with fresh lemon custard whipped cream.

Mousse Cakes (your choice of cake layers, with endless mousse possibilites, white chocolate, dark chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, peanut butter, etc) 15-18/kg


Flaky pastry layers with buttery filling

New York Cheese Cake, Caramel Cheesecake, Turtle Cheesecake

Tradional American cheese cake with either cherry or another fruit topping. Turtle cheese cake is with chocolate, caramel and nuts.

Red Velvet with Mascarpone Filling

Rich red layers with white creamy filling between.

Rye Dessert Cake

Layers of rye cake, quark (biezpiens) and whipped cream and cherries.

Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

Dark chocolate flourless base with dark chocolate mousse layer and white chocolate mousse layer. Very elegant and light. Mousse is a whipped cream filling mixed with chocolate.


Cupcakes: Further information upon request

Simple frosted cupcakes with one flavor base, no filling, and marshmallow topping

Filled simple cupcakes with marshmallow topping, chocolate frosting, etc

Filled, decorated cupcakes (piped flowers, or other hand made designs)


Cookies: More options upon request.

French Macarons


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Lemon Cookies

Oatmeal Cookies

Meringue Cookies (almond, hazelnut,etc)

Sesame Seed Cookies


American Pies