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I don’t know how you feel about Monday, but for me, it is a day in survival mode.

Getting 2 school kids (grades 1 and 3) back into the groove. Taking my kindergartner to his lessons. Taking the baby to his physiotherapist. Music school for the girlie.  And making sure my oldest goes back to see the teacher at the school for his extra lessons in Latvian requires a lot of time management. But the WORST part of the day is when I get my kids back grumpy and my son still has to finish his homework so he can make it to his Lego robot club. The past 2 weeks since he had to start seeing his teacher after school we have had to skip this club because there is just isn’t enough time to both conquer his attitude, do his homework and make it in time.

I know it is a crazy schedule. Thankfully the baby will be done with his exercising once he learns to crawl. And I would rather have one crazy busy day then spread out the madness a little bit all week.  I like to have some down days in the week too 🙂

Today the kids had a Martiņdiena Market at school and all the grades 2 and up had to bring something baked or homemade to sell for charity.

This year I made sugar cookies for bases, and a fluffy marshmallow for the topping, with lots of sprinkles.


So if you are in need of a little survival mode Monday or a quick bake sale cookie, or school treat you can whip some of these up.


There are so many sugar cookie recipes out there on the internet that you can just google one of those. Here are a couple I found that look good.

Sour Cream Sugar Cookie 

Chocolate Sugar Cookies. Try them with a chocolate sugar cookie base. Haven’t tried this recipe, but I have her book 🙂

For the marshmallow toppin, I used my all time TOP favorite baking blog Sweetapolita’s recipe. And of course, I have her book too because I just adore her blog.


So good luck and hope you survived your Monday!

Have a great week!