Ever since I saw a Instagram post of Anna Panna’s adorbable eclairs I have been a little bit crazy about the idea of a new do on eclairs.

My Dad absolutely loves eclairs and last time he was here I took him to a lot of the local bakeries so he could have them. He loved them fresh and stuffed to the gills with whipped cream.

For me, I love something new, tantalizing, unusual, and pretty. So one day while in Riga I made a special trip to that area of town, just so I could try Anna Panna’s eclairs. It was expensive but creative and I liked it!

This summer I have made some eclairs, nothing as fancy as I”d like to try because I am always short on time when I need them and don’t have time to make the cream fillings I want to experiment with- but I will keep this idea burning and when I get that perfect reason I will play with my ideas till I get them perfect.

Until then here are my summer eclairs for various occasions 🙂

And these were made in honor of my sister coming to visit after 6 years. Yeah, I live across the ocean.