Our 3rd child likes to say he doesn’t like foods. Even before he has tasted them. He likes to do this especially if he sees soup set before him.

Now I love soup, especially now when it is winter. Pair that with fresh bread or crackers and I am all set. But soup is not only comforting, and great for those colds, but is also practical. . .

My kids have been sick one by one for the last 3 weeks and that is so draining. Now the baby has it and that is just so sad when baby has his first cold. . .For me soup is easy, make a big pot and eat leftovers. 🙂



I have also made crackers 2 times this month because they are just so tasty and we have been stuck at home for so long.

I have been making pumpkin soup quite a lot lately to use up those last little pumpkins from the garden and my husband said it was the best he had ever had. That was the last time when I garished it with pumpkin seeds- but I was out this time because those went into the crackers 🙂

When serving a blended or creamy soup I love to garnish with something crunchy. Yesterday our pumpkin soup was garished with crushed chips, and sunflower seeds. The kids get excited to eat the soup when the see the little pieces of chips  in it.

And if that doesn’t inspire those little ones like my boy- try a competition. He hates to be last and when challenged to eat his soup before his big brother got to the table he jumped in and ate the whole (little) bowl in record time!


The pumpkin soup recipe I used for my base is this one by Jamie Oliver– but I added 1-2 potatoes, and celery root instead of celery stalks because that is what I had at home.

What are your favorite soups?

I’d love to get your recipes, share in the comments below.