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When my husband and I got to deliver a wedding cake to Malpils Manor back in March I never dreamed I myself would get to be there celebrating our own marriage.

This Christmas we celebrated 10 years of married life and though I knew my husband was planning a surprise, I had no idea where.

He told me I had to bring fancy clothing; and not knowing how fancy I took 4 dresses with me for our overnight mini vacation.

The older 3 kids were taken to a friend’s home and we headed out for lunch with the baby and made our way to our destination which was for me still unknown. I had a few ideas- but was very surprised when we meandered our way through the countryside to end up arriving at the manor from the back. Smart man- I would have known much early had he driven familiar roads.

The whole experience at the manor was like stepping into a fairytale movie for me. I felt so special, and pampered by my husband.

Our room was so elegant, and luxurious!The whole manor is beautiful boasting a large collection of paintings which we were allowed to admire at leisure. (The blanket is a bit rumpled since I didn’t make as nicely as they did and forgot to take a photo the first evening).


The whole place was so quiet- I felt like they were open for us exclusively, which as it turns out was almost true.  But not quite.  . but they aren’t usually open Mondays 🙂

After we had looked at the paintings and taken a walk to get our baby to sleep I dressed for dinner. I was glad I had brought an evening dress along.


Compliments of the Chef

We had a fantastic dinner, with a very courteous waiter. I chose the pheasant, which was scrumptious! We also were brought some delightful bread, and this sampler of various tastes- compliments of the chef.



We throughly enjoyed our dinner- and despite being full we wanted to taste their homemade icecream, delicious!


Malpils Icecream

The next morning we awoke to snow- which made our morning so much more special since it 1000x times better than mud.

Breakfast was beautifully laid, generous and very delightful! Since a wedding was to take place later in the day there were alot more people buzzing about which made the quiet evening prior that much more memorable!

We had a lovely walk around the premises outside with out baby in the pram while enjoying the snow and taking photos.

I highly recommend Malpils Manor if you are looking for a romantic place to spend a weekend, or celebrate your special occasion.

The food was fantastic. 5 stars

The atmosphere enchanting. 5 stars

The service also was top notch for us! 5 stars

The romantic package is a lovely way to spoil your parter, complete with candles to light in their elegant rooms, and a fruit tray with sparkling wine later in the evening.  I don’t know if all of their rooms are equally lovely, but ours was magnificent!

Perhaps I am overly generous in my praise- but you should go ahead and check it out for yourself. I went a way feeling like I had stepped into a romantic movie, only this time I was the one in it, not the one watching it.

5 stars for my husband for spoiling me and reminding me he can be romantic, even 4 kids and 10 years in married life!

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