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Despite the fact that I was diagnosed with only BORDERLINE diabetes, I was encouraged to live as if I really did have diabetes.

I was really sad to discover I needed to make such drastic changes to my diet. But I also felt this was a good time to make some perhaps much needed changes. Afterall I am a baker and that alone says that sometimes there are too many sweets passing through our lives.

From the moment I was diagnosed I entirely cut sugar out of my diet. This was easier than I expected in some regards- but watching out for it showing up in various things took more work than I had thought.

My friend and dietitian sent me LOTS of information and charts on what I could and couldn’t eat. The first days and weeks were the most difficult as it felt like I couldn’t eat anything.

I also bought a glucose meter so that I could measure my blood sugar at home.

I came to learn what I could eat and was able to keep my sugar levels very good because I took this all very seriously and wasn’t willing to risk my baby’s health.

For breakfast I usually ate:

  • 1-2 eggs (boiled, fried or scrambled)
  • sliced tomatoes from my garden
  • a wholegrain cracker or wholegrain rye bread with cheese

My snacks were:

  • nuts
  • a bit of dried fruit on occasion.
  • blueberries
  • sugar-free peanut butter on a whole grain cracker

My meals were very simple, I ate a lot of buckwheat as it was one of the staples I was given free rein to eat. I ate some noodles, and brown rice and lots of meat and salads!

I learned a few things about myself during these restrictions and things that I simply cannot live without in my diet. Those things are peanut butter and cheese. I don’t need sugar in my peanut butter- but there is just something about it that satisfies my craving for something sweet.

I tried a lot of natural or semi-natural sweetenerss while on this diet. Those included were Stevia, Truvia, and Natvia. I must say that I didn’t like any of them or the taste they had or the aftertaste though in a pinch for cake Natvia/Truvia were the better options. Stevia made my tea/coffee so nasty I just poured it out.

Being able to go on a sugar strike for 6-8 or more weeks was very empowering to me. I felt like if I could do this then I was going to be ready to have my baby once more on my own with my strength of mind and body.

Have you had to give up sugar? How did you cope?