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In late July I had my standard blood tests made. My glucose levels were too high, so I was sent in for the sugar tolerance test. I specifically avoided sugar before this test- thinking perhaps I had just overdone it with the sugar- as I know I have a weakness to do.  I was apx. 32 weeks when I had the sugar tolerance test done.

Here in Latvia the test is done a bit differently than from what I have heard about it from my sister-in-law in the USA. I headed to the pharmacy early that morning to get the 75g. of glucose I would have to drink for my test. I had to arrive having eaten nothing since the evening before. Upon arriving at the lab my blood was drawn and then she mixed the glucose powder with one small glass of water and told me to down in less than 5 minutes. Whew! That was hard!

I was sent to wait for one hour whereupon I had to return to the lab and have my blood drawn again. The first 30 minutes of waiting were by far the worst- because I started feeling nauseous and I wasn’t allowed to drink anything. By the one hour mark I was feeling a little more normal. I had my blood drawn and was sent to wait one more hour for the final blood drawing.

I was so relieved when the whole ordeal was over and my husband and I met for a lunch date- a rare treat for us!

I was at the zoo with my kids the next day when I got the results of my test. I was very disappointed to learn I was on the borderline for gestational diabetes and even though I DIDN”T have it I had to live and eat like I did so that I wouldn’t cross the border. I was given some suggestions as to what to avoid and told I could contact a dietitian to find out more what I couldnt and couldn’t eat.