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It’s been a month since we got our chickens and we have enjoyed them and learned a lot.

Our egg production has been like this:

Week 1- 1 egg. (not a full week)

Week 2- 3 eggs

Week 3- 6 eggs

Week 4- 23 eggs

Week 5- 28 eggs


We are excited to finally be having 2-6 eggs per day and still wondering why it varies so much.


Our other conclusions are:

  1. No Whole Grains: Our chickens aren’t fond of the whole grains we have, we are now looking for a way to grind them to add them to the other combined food we give them which they love. Someone told us chickens shouldn’t be given whole grains- so we are learning.
  2. Weeding: Not only do they make weeding fun in that we give those greens but my husband came up with a portable circle pen he puts around this fruit trees where we place 2-3 chickens and leave them for a few hours to do their scratching and they do a GREAT job weeding around the trees- not to mention the free fertilizer involved.
  3. Kids and Chickens: My 6 year old loves going to check for eggs several times a day and herding them on the occasions we let them out so that they stay out of our vegetable garden. Today she got up early because the chickens were noisy and she wanted to go check on them. Having chickens helps kids learn responsibility.
  4. Chickens are Funny: We get a kick out of watching them walk about and scratch about when we let the free range. They are also very interesting to observe in their interactions with one another.

Today we sold our first box of eggs- just getting to many for us to eat, unless I am baking cakes.

Yay for chickens, and fresh eggs!