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Crazy how a little cracker can cause such a stir of emotions and recall such fond memories.

For 10 years I have lived happily without these crackers because living abroad never brought them across my path. Until one day last week when I stumbled upon them in the grocery story and just HAD to have them because they reminded me of home and childhood and just being a little girl in the USA in the 1980s.

Oh the memories of evenings spent at “Grandma in Rich’s” house where she’d give us saltines with peanut butter, and Pepsi in those green polka dotted glasses before bed. We never had that kind of bedtime snack at home and for a 6 year old that was bliss.

Or what about those bowls of tomato soup or chili with tons of squished up saltines in them- which somehow made that gooey mess so much tastier?

Or waiting for the food to arrive in the occasional restaurant outing while we kids munched on the invidually wrapped saltines to make the time pass faster.

And so now as I spread some peanut butter and slice some cheese and slowly munch on some brand of saltines I recall what a good, simple childhood I had and how very powerful a little thing is to bring to life long forgotten memories of childhood.