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Tucked away under the moss

Chanterelle mushrooms are the only mushroom here that I know well enough to gather and eat. Latvians are avid mushrooms eaters, and most people are well aquainted with a whole slew of varieties which are edible.

However, there are people every year who get very sickĀ from eating poisouness mushrooms- so I eat only the ones I am completely sure of- chanterelles. Though some Latvians say that all mushrooms are edible it just depends on how many times they must be boiled. Don’t quote me on that- but I have heard my Latvian husband say it šŸ™‚

My Grandma recalls going mushroom hunting with her mother as a child in Latvia and how they would find every color of mushrooms in the rainbow. I always find that story quite facinating and wonder how they knew which ones were safe to eat.

Late summer and early fall we enjoy going and gatheringĀ these mushrooms, and it is fun to find these bright treats tucked away under moss and pine needles. Ā I take great pleasureĀ in the process of searching for and gathering these and enjoying the utter calm of the beautiful pine forests here.

Once we have gathered as many as we have time for we head home and wash and clean them from any stray pine needles or dirt.


Then we chop them up and cook them over a medium high heat until all the liquid has evaporated from them. After that we add some butter, and once melted some cream to make a lovely sauce which is divine with freshly boiled potatoes. (Sorry my butter is sort of glowing in this photo )

We also freeze these once we have cooked them and then add them to sauces or soups later.

Yum! Do chanterelles grow where you live?